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PortaSCSI, a connection for all computers, including notebook portables,

to powerful new SCSI peripherals.


  • WindowsME, 98,  95, Windows 3.1 and OS/2 compatible.
  • Rugged design, compatible with all parallel ports including EPP, Bi-directional, and Uni-directional.
  • Reliable for seven peripheral daisy chain with fully shielded cable
  • Fast 5 Mbytes/sec synchronous data transfer rate on the SCSI bus
  • Powered by peripherials for longer battery life
  • Includes drivers for CD-ROMs, PhotoCDs, SCSI hard drives, scanners, magneto-optical, SyQuest®, Bernoulli®, and SCSI tape drives.
  • Master and copy personal CDs to a recordable CD-R drive.



The PortaSCSI delivers instant, high-performance peripheral connections to your computer. The PortaSCSI supports the quick connections of up to seven external SCSI-2 devices like CD-ROMs (including, single-and multi-session Photo CDs), hard disk drives, scanners, SyQuest, Bernoulli, Floptical, and SCSI tape drives.

And, with its 1 Mbytes/sec hostdata transfer rate and up to 5 Mbytes/sec on the SCSI bus, the PortaSCSI is as fast as many conventional 16-bit desktop adapters.

Best of all, the PortaSCSI is easy to install and use. Just attach the PortaSCSI to your computer’s parallel port, connect it to your SCSI devices, power up and go to work.


Reliable connections

PSS applied its extensive SCSI and field force automation experience to deliver a highly reliable, full-featured Parallel to SCSI-II adapter. The PortaSCSI provides a noise-free signal path, which means you can count on getting accurate data to and from your peripheral quickly. And you can be assured of getting the same reliable performance, whether running one CD-ROM drive or a daisy chain of seven peripherals.

Rugged design

The PortaSCSI is made to survive in the challenging portable environment. All PSS products are designed to tough “field service” specifications and have been tested in insurace “claims processing” applications. Since you and your portable computing devices are usually on the move, you need an adapter that is durable. The PortaSCSI is bonded to protect the internal components under the roughest conditions. Combined with the latching cable connector, you’re sure to stay connected and running.

No power draw on notebook computer host

When you’re traveling away from the office, you care about conserving battery power in your portable PC. Thanks to the leading edge, power-saving operation of the integrated circuit controller built into the PortaSCSI adapter, you can access your valuable data longer on each battery charge. Coupled with power-smart software, the only thing you’ll notice is that your battery lasts a surprisingly long time.

Complete software

The PortaSCSI comes with a user friendly, Windows-based application program that ensures easy out-of-the box operation with virtually any SCSI device.

A wide range of applications


  • Executes software upgrades effortlessly and quickly via CD-ROM (i.e. Windows 95)
  • Attach a CD-ROM drive for multimedia presentations and access to database information
  • Boost data storage with high-capacity external hard drives
  • Back up valuable data by connecting a tape drive
  • Capture and store documents for later review by adding a scanner


The PortaSCSI gives you a broad choice of peripherals that can be added to your system. Call PSS Support to verify compatibility.

Up to seven daisy chained SCSI devices
MS-DOS versions (5.x, 6.x)
Windows 98, 95, and Microsoft Windows for Work Groups
(3.1, 3.11), DR DOS® (6.0), ASPI, OS/2
For SCSI – MicroDensity 50 (SCSI-II) or Standard 50-pin, Centronix (SCSI I)Connector
For Parallel Printer Cable – Standard DB25
Data Transfer Rates:
1 Mbytes/sec host data rate (with EPP parallel)
5 Mbytes/sec burst rate on the SCSI bus
SCSI Data Format:
8-bit with automatic parity generation
SCSI Erasable Media Support:
Multiple partitions
Fixed or removable media
Extended partitions (greater than 32 Mbytes) under MS-DOS 3.3 or later
Supports 1024 bytes/sector
Termination Power:
Supplied by SCSI device or can be supplied by PortaSCSI
Power Consumption:
0.3 typical
0.2 W standby mode
6.4 oz. (including cable)