About Us


If you’re looking for an systems integrator who really understands the ins and outs of network computing, interface and mass storage technologies, the name to know is NetElegant. The proof is in our product line.  From network integration to field force automation solutions, NetElegant has demonstrated a strong commitment to innovation and quality since day one. NetElegant has been an industry leading supplier of computing interface and mass storage solutions since 1991.

NetElegant developed the PortaSCSI (a.k.a. SCSICable Plus) as the hardware component of the  “SCSIToolbox”. These products have over 8,000 field service installations. The SCSIToolbox is recognized as the defacto standard product for SCSI bus testing by OEMs including IBM, Dell, TRW, and Compaq/DEC.  

NetElegant supplies OEMs with rugged, mobile computing interface and mass storage technologies which are designed into many field service and field force automation products. Some of these “info kits” are used in insurance claims processing.  Industry leaders including Mitchell Automotive Intl., Allstate, Nationwide Insurance and others use products supplied by NetElegant in these kits.

NetElegant’s PortaSCSI mobile interface products are based on proprietary ASIC technology. This semiconductor technology provides NetElegant with more rugged products with fewer components than the competition. NetElegant’s interface products are also recognized as the fastest and most elegant of their kind, with throughput advantages of up to 30%. NetElegant’s complete line of mobile interface products are built to withstand the rigors of harsh mobile computing environments.

The dedication to excellence in information processing technologies is everywhere at NetElegant and is especially noticed in our comprehensive range of technical support services, including custom and semi-custom design, application engineering and product analysis.