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“Because your network is only as strong as the support behind it.” offers a variety of services to businesses both large and small.  We understand the limits, both monetary and physical, especially of small businesses.  We help devise and execute a plan that will steer your technology needs and implementations in the right direction.  We’ll build a scalable system that will grow as the demands of your organization grows, and, we’ll maintain your networking needs at a cost much less than employing a full-time information systems staff.

 Serving your business and networking needs through wireless solutions

Data demand has driven the expansion of the wireless world.  Businesses need to increase their capacity as rapidly as possible to meet the increasing demands of their customers.  Today’s customers demand video and that quality of service that is expected.

The wireless infrastructure of towers, rooftops and masts, as deployed by business for much of the existing 3G and even 4G technologies does not provide enough capacity where it is most critical – crowded public places, congested street levels and in-building environments where the data demand is continuous and relentlessly expanding.

Over the last number of years that infrastructure has increasingly adopted optical fiber.  NetElegant has helped business manage the transition from an installed base of copper products – like twisted pair or coaxial cable – to optical fiber in many demanding, harsh environments. 

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